Indie Film Festival Awards is a non-profit organization devoted to supporting Independent filmmakers around the globe by recognizing excellence in filmmaking.

Indie Film Festival Awards (IFFA) supports independent filmmakers through its annual awards and other programs. We endeavor to assist filmmakers at any stage of the filmmaking process in reaching an audience, and we aim to advance filmmakers’ careers through services, education, and resources.

IFFA will also support Indie Film Makers to distribute their film worldwide. IFFA is the exclusive distributor of Indie Films World (IFW) streaming platform. IFFA can help Indie Filmmakers to release their contents on IFW platform

What We Do


Empower and support independent filmmakers & students, bringing their unique stories to the world.


Unlock global exposure through dedicated streaming platform and worldwide distribution network.


To uplift independent filmmakers and nurture the film community in their creative journey.


Recognize the brilliance, creativity and ingenuity of filmmakers at the IFFA festival.

IFFA is here to support Independent filmmakers to submit their films and show their talent to the world. IFFA will support by recognize their work and guide and educate them in pre production, production and post production. Our Aim is to keep the art and culture alive. We believe every talented person serves to show their talent. IFFA is born from an individual Indie Filmmakers to educate and nurturing our Indie filmmakers through distribution, audience engagement, regardless of budget and size of the films

Our mission at Indie Films Festival Awards is to empower independent filmmakers by providing them with a platform to showcase their talent, facilitate film distribution, and offer opportunities through OTT platform. We strive to support filmmakers in various aspects, including funding assistance and educational scholarships, fostering their growth and success within the industry.

Our vision is to create a thriving community where independent filmmakers are celebrated, supported, and provided with the resources they need to excel. We envision Indie Films Festival Awards as a catalyst for the growth of emerging talent, facilitating their artistic expression, and helping them connect with a wider audience. Through our initiatives, we aim to become a global hub for independent filmmaking, fostering an environment of collaboration, innovation, and creative exploration.

“A Career-Defining Opportunity”

Not only did I receive recognition for my work, but the exposure and networking opportunities opened doors I never thought possible. This platform truly supports and uplifts filmmakers, providing a springboard for success.

Sarah Rodriguez


"Supportive Platform for all"

IFFA goes above and beyond. Actively working to connect filmmakers with distribution platform for greater exposure. IFFA truly understands the needs and challenges of the industry, and I highly recommend it.

Michael Thompson

Film Producer

"Powering Dreams"

As an aspiring filmmaker, I am grateful for the support & opportunity provided by Indie Films Festival Awards to showcase my work. The festival's commitment to empower independent filmmakers is commendable, and their selection of films represents the diverse and vibrant world of indie cinema.

Emily Walker

Film Student

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